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Tots - Ages 4 & Under

Program Play Begins in



REGISTRATION FOR THE 2024 Tots PROGRAM is now closed



Securing volunteer coaches for our programs is a chore we face annually.

Often times we find ourselves with more players than we have coaches to work with them.

 In the end, we cannot make it happen without
Please consider volunteering.

The program details shown below will answer many of your questions.

Proof of age must be provided for all players. The registration form will ask you to upload proof of age, if you have not already done so for seasons past.
Valid proof of age would include birth certificates, passports or paperwork from doctors office or school district showing the player's name and date of birth.
Player photos are not acceptable proof of age.

If anything other than proper proof of age is provided, expect to be contacted by our Registrar via email, in order for us to finalize your child's registration.


Our co-ed Tots program (4U) is for children born from 8/1/19 thru 5/31/21. Registration fee is $80.

Program dates this season are June 4th thru the 27th, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm @ Village Elementary, for a total of 8 sessions.

Rain dates will be after the 27th, if needed.

Specific dates along with other pertinent Club info posted on our Calendar page.

Specific questions regarding the program can be directed to the Program Director.



  • Team jersey
  • Soccer ball

You must provide:

  • Shin guards
  • Cleats (recommended, sneakers are fine)
  • Water bottle


  • Field length: 30 x 20 yards
  • Goal: 4 x 6'
  • Ball size: 3
  • Team size: 4 vs 4 w/o Goalkeeper
  • Sessions will be approximately 1 hour, 4 quarters x 10 minutes


  • Have FUN
  • Make friends
  • Build self-confidence
  • Learn soccer skills

Young children are unique and develop at different rates. Each will possess their own level of maturity, attention span, physical size, personality and ability.


  • Our volunteer coaches and assistant coaches achieve objectives by keeping practices and games fun. This keeps kids coming back for more.
  • Offer positive praise and encouragement.
  • Teach basic skills to all players, concentrating on improving individual skills (dribbling, trapping, shielding the ball, shooting, etc.). We do not keep track of standings or statistics at games and strongly discourage talking "smack" to other players or disrespecting other players or coaches.
  • Please remind children to wear suitable clothes (team t-shirt, shorts), shoes (sneakers or cleats), and shin guards (MANDATORY!). They should also bring a drink and be ON TIME!
  • Remember to support coaches, assistants, parents and the rules of Super Soccer. Please make sure you and your child have read, understood, signed and returned a Code of Conduct form. The form is available on this website (and will be at the end of your registration form online).

Please contact our Registrar if you have any questions regarding registration, to acquire a discount code, or to volunteer as a coach!