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COVID-19 Update

We are moving forward with plans to play soccer this year.

Players grandfathered in from last year must be re-registered in the new system.

See the email that was sent to all grandfathered families for details.

Sponsored by US Youth Soccer

US Youth Soccer

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Governing body for youth soccer in the nation.

2022 Registration

Registrations for 2022 soccer will be tentatively opening in November.

Follow the dropdown menu from the "Prog Info/Registration" tab.

Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to all who registered to play with us this year.

Hopefully everyone had fun!

Time to start planning for next year!

We are in desperate need of operational staff volunteers.
Adults, working together behind the scenes to pull it all together for the children.

There are many jobs to do, and for the past few years, we've had folks doing multiple jobs, because we didn't have a person for each seat.
We cannot continue like that. We must secure additional volunteers!
Job and incentive details can be provided upon request.

Please consider volunteering.


Hilton Sparks Soccer Info & Social Media

Hilton Sparks Soccer Info & Social Media

Sponsored by NYSWYSA


Visit Website

Governing body for youth soccer in our area. Lots of good information on their website. Do visit!

A message from the President

The game of soccer is more than a sport.  It's an exercise of the body and a challenge to the perseverance of the mind.  It's a place to make friends and express your personality.  It lends a way to strut your stuff and learn something new.  It's a simple way to enjoy the outdoors.  No, soccer is not for everyone, however, we love seeing our children give it a chance.  The Hilton Sparks has some of the most passionate people on it's board, striving every season to make it better.  We look for ways to innovate the sport, make it simpler for our coaches, make it exciting for our children and make it something more than just a game.  In all of my time with the Hilton Sparks, the greatest accomplishment we have is our children.  Thank you to our players, coaches, staff and to the town of Hilton, you are awesome.

I'll see you out there!

Shaun D. DeVos
President - Hilton Parma Youth Soccer League