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** Located in Monroe County, Western NY **

Staffed by volunteers, every year we are in need of help.

We CANNOT make it happen for the children without you.

Sponsored by US Youth Soccer

US Youth Soccer

Visit Website

The National governing body for youth soccer.

Lots of good information on their website. Do visit!


 Staff Volunteers NEEDED for 2024!!

We are once again in need of adult volunteers to work on staff with us, in order for us to be able to offer our programs.

Visit this page for more information on the positions we need to fill.

Sponsored by NYSWYSA


Visit Website

The governing body for youth soccer in Western NY.

Lots of good information on their website. Do visit!

Club Sponsors

Thank you so much for your sponsorship!

The Yeager Family - Hilton

The soccer world has lost one of it's greatest players ever! God rest your soul, Pele!

From the President

Good day everyone,

The time is upon us to start gearing up for 2024 soccer, believe it or not.

Staffed by volunteers like we are, with reduced participation, we're left with many empty seats on the staff that we must fill before we can even think about opening up registrations for the children.

We've taken to periodically e-blasting the member database from this year to solicit for volunteers. We've had a few folks step up, but we still have empty seats that need to be filled.

More information on those seats can be found here.

Please consider volunteering. We do offer incentives to volunteer! Feel free to contact us if you'd like more information.

Thank you,


 - Bob Rosso

Bob Rosso


Phone: 629-7459