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Board Members & Logistical Staff

Open positions for 2024

Board of Directors Positions:

Vice President - Manages the support staff and day to day operations of the Club. More details can be provided upon request.

Registrar - Maintain & manage the Club's online registration system. We need to find an interested individual who will have time to work with our current volunteer  this year in order to get up to speed for 2024.

Treasurer - Manage Club finances.

Secretary - Tend to all secretarial needs of the Club.

Logistical Staff Positions:

Uniforms and Awards Coordinator - top to bottom responsible for all program apparel and awards needs.

4U, 6U & 8U Program Directors - Program Directors are the program "bosses" of their respective programs, so to speak. Responsible for all aspects of operation of their specific programs.

Fields & Facilities Liaison - Make all arrangements for the use of all fields and facilities that the Club uses annually.

Public Relations Director - Responsible for managing our social media and advertising efforts.

A Sports Engine account is required. If you're interested in volunteering, first click here to create an account, or click here to log into your existing account.


Our incentive program is as follows:

ALL players are paid registrations. Upon completion of seasonal work:

Volunteer coaches who have children participating will receive one (1) refunded player registration fee for each team coached. Funds will be disbursed post season, once all equipment has been returned.

Volunteer Board of Directors / Staff members who have children participating will receive one (1) refunded player registration fee. Funds will be disbursed post season once all seasonal duties are completed.

Volunteers who hold more than one (1) job with the Club (coach, Board/Staff) qualify for a free registration for the number of children equal to the number of jobs they hold. Volunteers do NOT have to be parents. Grandparents, aunts & uncles can volunteer and pass that free registration on to their relative child.